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Founded in 1995, Pan Ocean International, is one of the fastest growing retailers of furniture and metal products in the Maldives. Pan Ocean is a 100% Maldivian company, that belongs to the Shinetree Holdings group of companies.

In year 2000 we opened our first high-end furniture show room in the Maldives, under the band name of Allora Pan Home. The showroom was the first grand showroom opened in the Maldives allowing our customers to experience the comfort and the beautiful designs of our furniture. Due to the growing popularity of the Allora brand we expanded further in 2005, by adding Allora Office Furniture. In 2006 with the efforts to expand our market further, a medium range furniture store was added to the portfolio in a different brand name called Ozzaro Home Care.

In 2003 we expanded our product portfolio further by opening a stainless-steel retail outlet under the brand name of Pan Metal.

We now compete in a variety of markets across the Maldives, and our carefully selected products and focused customer care are unmatched to date, enabling us to enjoy great success as the leading provider of furniture as well as metal products.